Stir crazy is an understatement, and even though I’ve managed to stay very busy planning the future of my now still-watered business, as well as a being able to spend a bunch of quality time with my family, this third week of home isolation is starting to take a toll on my spirit…

Of What’s To Come

I’ve been chewing on a most audacious topic. One, that at only twelve episodes into my newfound life as a podcaster; has slapped the world in the face. But her I go anyway. A middle-class self-employed guy sharing his feelings on a subject he has no credentials to represent. That being, the full and ultimate … Read more Of What’s To Come

A Guide To All That Is Good

Her voice heavy with French accent she told me of a father who was very negative, a dad who worried about everything. And under her smiling exterior, could be seen the reach of a powerful woman who had looked into the face of her past. A person who had tenderly embraced the stressed child she … Read more A Guide To All That Is Good