The Remarkable Nina Bergman

Nina Bergman – One of the most multi-talented artists I’ve ever met, Nina is a true 10 in all she does. From ballet to rock-and-roll to acting to just being one of the most down-to-earth people I know, I feel privileged to call her good friend. Truly one of my favorite collaborators. Nina, thanks for … Read more The Remarkable Nina Bergman

Actress Shannon Kane

Shannon Kane – Brooklyn’s Finest with Richard Gere to BET’s American Soul, Shannon has brought her signature mix of compassion an power to the characters she portrays. For years we have worked together in telling stories that are real and heartfelt. We are currently working on a short film that is sure to make many … Read more Actress Shannon Kane

KROQ’s Megan Holiday

KROQ’S Megan Holiday – I was lucky enough to have been twice interviewed on her radio show “Openline”. In each I shared events and ideas for the outreach work I do. Megan is a person of great character, meaning and depth, and I feel privileged to call her “Friend”. Here are a couple of portraits … Read more KROQ’s Megan Holiday

Mother and Child

Mother and Child – Today, I grew up. My rose-colored glasses fogged. Even though I knew they deceived me, the benefit of the doubt drew me closer to the fire. I got burned. My heart tarnished by the acts of others, I’m humbled to the core. The grace of God shines the song of forgiveness … Read more Mother and Child