Episode 32: The Next Great Question

This is a story written by an author, who, on a day that has gone stressfully sideways, has found himself calmed by the words of a most generous communicator. His name is Jason, and in England he resides. Yet even though we are separated by histories, cultures, and time zones, he stands like a new … Read more Episode 32: The Next Great Question

The Caretaker In Us All

And even thought our history, race and gender are radically different, both Shannon and Heidi held me as if I was blood related family, and as I dropped my walls to breath in their light, their sisterly tenderness and love filled my chest. I gained not only a vision as to who they are, but … Read more The Caretaker In Us All


Through her listening eyes and seeing mind she advocates for no self-gain or grandeur. Credits her most humble outlook to the pained past and nurturing courage of goodly parents. Her very presence blossomed from seeds planted by a father, who in his own life had first hand witness the worst of what humankind can do. … Read more Legacy