1961: Born, London, England
1962 to 1990: Las Vegas, Nevada
1990 to 1991: Vagabond Artist
1991 to present: Los Angeles, California

“If we do not seek to truly see each other, nor do our connections grow from a place of sincerity, empathy, and emotion, what we create, and the impact we leave, is at risk of having no reach, or lacking in meaning.”

My story as an artist, communicator and advocate began in the early 80s, when, after graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, I opened my first studio in Las Vegas, Nevada—a mod little space constructed from the remains of a 3000-square foot citrus warehouse. It was there my roots formed as I worked non-stop producing, photographing, and directing projects ranging from nightlife to leisure, portraiture to lifestyle, wild animals to intricate special effects, entertainment to advertising.

I was in my mid-twenties, young, evolving, and thirsty for experience. A fresh set of eyes in a city full of energy as my business grew faster than imaginable. Not ready for the degree of success that came my way, I lived fast and fell hard. It was a decade where I grew up through experiences too numerous to share in this biography. Bright and dark memories that, to this day, are foundational subtext to the perspectives grounding the important value I place on humanity and artistic integrity.

In my thirties, as the Las Vegas chapter hit its pinnacle; I faced a creative, spiritual, and emotional Do-or-Die. Driven by a hunger for growth and culture, I realized I had reached a professional and personal crossroads. So, I decided to close my Las Vegas shop to travel the cities of Europe; exchanging security and predictability to live a vagabond life in further experiencing risk, history, culture and people. It was an uncharted time, a living out of a backpack and rolling suitcase journey where I navigated a roller coaster of diverse languages, cityscapes and customs. A week-by-week schedule of country-connecting train rides and hostel stays where each day I peeked over the edge of financial ruin. It was life-change to the fullest. My livelihood wrapped around my waist as I survived on cash pulled out of a hidden money belt. A character and spirit-forming trek that, in the end, left me homeless and stripped to the most simple lifestyle and reflections of myself. Yet, under it all, a great blessing was gifted to me—the birth of my cultural outlook, spiritual self and storytelling curiosity.

Ultimately, I settled in Los Angeles—the home to my current chapter and base camp for my endless desire to share whatever I can to open windows where others can better see the value of one another, and even themselves.

I am a firm believer of less-is-more, and although I have expanded into the complexity of photo-narrative projects, writing, speaking, filmmaking, mixed media and podcasting, I stand true to a plain and modest purpose: To craft thoughtful works that stimulate deep consideration of what might be in the heart and mind of others and ourselves.

 When I am not making photographs, producing films, writing, recording or working on outreach, you’ll most likely find me on the streets interviewing strangers; sharing what I can to make those around me laugh (or express a heartfelt tear) with a life found story; or doing my most favorite thing of all, spending time with my wife, daughter and two dysfunctional dogs.

Nikon, Verizon, Publicis, Panasonic, PepsiCo, BBDO, Nestlé, Toyota, Disney Store, Botox, Johnson & Johnson, Ogilvy, Abbott Laboratories, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Suave, Allergan, United Airlines, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Playstation, Disney Records, California Department of Health Services, Hill & Knowlton, Converse, Subway, Southern California Edison, FDA, Heidelberg, Abbott, Florida Department of Health Services, JWT, E-Verify, 24 Hour Fitness, San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE), Unisource, AltaMed, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Hilton, Xerox, FairChance, Nevada Division of Tourism, United Health Care, Hertz, Walmart, Bally’s, Cisco, FIAA, Lockheed Martin, Transamerica, UPS, Energy Star, The Richards Group, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, FCB, Gillette, Dunlop, RPA, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, Lowe+Partners, Paramount Studios, United States Tennis Association, McCann Worldgroup, AT&T



Sidewalk Ghosts
Based on street interviews of over 600 unique strangers, Sidewalk Ghosts is an ongoing documentary and storytelling project advocating empathy toward others. An integrated, multi-channel outreach of written words, portraits, video interviews, speaking engagements and podcasts.

Freedom of Faith
An interfaith documentary film featuring interviews of some of the nation’s most highly esteemed religious leaders and educators.

Patio Portraits
Bent Colour
Inanimate Studies

2020: (Speaker) Sidewalk Ghosts, Los Angeles Visitors Center
2019: (Speaker) Sidewalk Ghosts, Los Angeles Visitors Center
2017: (Speaker) Disconnect to Reconnect, Operation-365 Get Together, Pasadena, CA
2016: Adjunct Professor, Santa Monica College
2014: (Keynote) Fame Expo, Pasadena, CA
2014: (Speaker) Creative Integrity, Fame Expo, Pasadena, CA
2012: (Lecture) The Business of Photography & Production, Brigham Young University, Off-Campus Studio Tour
2012: (Lecturer | Trainer) Developed and instructed a field photography and motion picture training and certification course for the Joint Prisoner of War / Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC), United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Pearl Harbor
2012: (Keynote) COMPAS, Ohio State University
2011: (Lecturer | Trainer) Developed and instructed a field photography and motion picture training and certification course for the Joint Prisoner of War / Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC), United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Pearl Harbor
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2000: (Author) “Setting The Tone,” Petersen’s Photographic
1996: (Author) “Emulsion Transfer,” Popular Photography
1987: (Author) “Fluorescent Landscapes,” Petersen’s Photographic

2020: (Group Exhibition) Bent Colour – James, International Color Awards
2020: (Group Exhibition) Bent Colour – Hidden, International Color Awards
2019: (Featured) Inbetween and Work, from Heal, Spotlight Magazine, Lyon, France
2013: (Interview) Pepperdine Magazine, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
2010: (Solo Exhibition) 24 Portraits, Cypress College
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1986: (Interview) Las Vegas Magazine
1985: (Group Exhibition) Alcatraz, Meadows Gallery, Las Vegas, NV

(Award) Portrait, Bent Colour – James, Honorable Mention, International Color Awards
2020: (Award) Fashion, Bent Colour – Hidden, Nominee, International Color Awards
2018: (Award) Freedmen’s Bureau, Documentary, Silver Anvil, P.R Society of America
2018: (Special Screening) The Village, Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center
2012: (Judge) COMPAS, Ohio State University
2012: (Award) Top Ten 365-Day Blogs to Follow, WordPress
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2007: (Board of Reviewers) Graduating Class, Cal. State Northridge
2006: (Board of Reviewers) Graduating Class, Brooks Institute
2005: (VP, National Board of Directors) American Photographic Artists
2004: (Board of Reviewers) Graduating Class, Brooks Institute
2003: (Board of Directors) American Photographic Artists–Los Angeles Chapter
1999: (Board of Reviewers) Graphic Design, Otis Parson School of Design
1988: (Founding Board of Directors) Las Vegas Art Directors Club
1987: (Charter Board of Directors) Advertising Photographers of America, Las Vegas
1985: (Award) Best of Show for Alcatraz Cellblock, Kodak Gallery

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