In his signature light and often humorous storytelling style, Richard’s presentations raise eyes and actions away from bias, misconception and fear; and toward positive outlooks regarding our diversity, views of one another, and how we interact in the face-to-face world.



Los Angeles Visitor Center
10707 North Temple Way, Suite 208
Los Angeles, CA 90025

What some of Richard's audience has to say

“I have always believed that everyone is born with a light, a goodness within them. For many that light glows bright, but for many, sometimes because of choices, or life, or circumstances, or whatever, that light can get a little dim, perhaps almost gone. For many, having someone just notice their light helps their light to grow. That is what Richard’s project is about, at least for me —slowing down a little and taking the time to look for and nurture the light—in both ourselves and our fellowman.

“The best thing I like is your style, it not only shows who you are, but at the same time it gives an opportunity to learn from others and their experiences and the versatility of different lives.” 

“Richard shares of his world and his place in it with the people he loves.”

“Terrific! Inspiring! Motivating! Makes me smile.”

“You not only make me smile for the moment but, as all good things should, I now desire to join in my own way. Thank you!”

“I think you hit it on the head for me: “Every time I have swayed from the path of optimism the walls have appeared.”

“I’d rather be over-optimistic in all things, than live a life of doubt, pessimism and fear. Thank you.”

“I read your words about the ‘almost’ daily struggle to find your next interview inductee but as a word of encouragement… I believe they have all been Divine Appointments. Each of your posts have offered such positive, inspiring, uplifting comments from your interviewees… Somehow I think you are being led to just the right folks!”

“Thanks for sharing, Richard. I enjoy your message, perhaps in part because your encounters seem so in sync with what I am going through myself. Your writing reminds us, again and again, we are all connected… Blessings.”

“You are an inspiration to life, and my life, especially, is one in which you have changed to better me as a person, and our family as a whole. Keep it up and never stop reaching out to people for a moment to hear them and to be heard by them. Thank you, and God bless.”

“The Universal synergy is amazing. thank you for sharing your world and bringing all of us together!!”

“Honest, beautiful and true!! WOW!!!”

“At the risk of sounding like a complete hipster, allow me to say that, dude, this is legit. Color me hooked.”

“What a fabulous idea… break down the barriers.”

“Isn’t it amazing how our paths are often directed, and how we often meet just the people that can bless us (and be blessed by us) if we only paid more attention, and stayed attuned?”

“I must reach out and tell you how inspiring you are to me. I now make it a point to reach out and make these small gestures to strangers, because as you said, the smallest things can brighten your day immensely.”

“Wow, this hit me right where I needed it to land today.”

“Thank you – I am another person who has been touched daily by your project… think I started about day 120. I am honored to have been on a journey of love and caring and know that it has enabled me each day to breathe, reflect and put the lessons into practice… sparking more caring and more love as the actions brought forward by reflecting on your message and passing it forward.”

“Your willingness to go out and do these things, the message it sends, the inspiration; I want to let you know that it has truly inspired me personally.”

“WOW!! what a difference you have made, not only in your own life, but also in the lives of others.”

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