KROQ’s Megan Holiday

KROQ’S Megan Holiday – I was lucky enough to have been twice interviewed on her radio show “Openline”. In each I shared events and ideas for the outreach work I do. Megan is a person of great character, meaning and depth, and I feel privileged to call her “Friend”. Here are a couple of portraits … Read more

Actors and Performers

Actors & Performers – I photographed my first performer way back in the 80’s. A Liberache impersonator who was a method actor. A lunch I’ll never forget. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with countless talents. From A-listers like Henry Winkler and Amanda Seyfried to rising stars in film, stage and vocal, I’ve … Read more

The Challenge That Changed My Life

The Challenge That Changed My Life – “The challenge proposed is not necessarily an easy one. I know this first hand after approaching thousands of strangers. I have been hugged, trusted, and listened to. I have also been screamed at, mocked, spit upon, and physically pushed into oncoming traffic. But, all in all, those who … Read more