Bio PhotoRichard’s story as an artist began in the 80s when, after graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography, he opened his first studio in Las Vegas, Nevada—a mod little space constructed from the remains of a 3000-square foot citrus warehouse. It was there he honed the roots of his craft as he worked non-stop producing, photographing and directing projects ranging from nightlife to travel and leisure, portraiture to lifestyle, wild animals (yep, he’s been chased by panthers) to intricate special effects, entertainment to advertising.

Understanding the need to evolve, the 90s brought Richard to a creative crossroads. Hungry for growth and culture, he made the decision to close down his Las Vegas shop and travel the fashion cities of Europe to shoot beauty and further experience life, risk and people. It was there that the seedlings of his cultural outlook and story telling curiosity were born.

Europe over, Richard settled in Los Angeles. A new life chapter (a period he calls “the humbling years.)” Times where he found the perspectives that form him as a portraitist, filmmaker and human.

In 2005, driven by a need to more deeply explore the depth of those he photographed, Richard expanded into photo-narrative projects. In them he explored more than the visual impact of a still image, but through the use of video and written word, he studied the inner person as well as their perceptions of the world. Bringing to surface the private thoughts, strengths, weaknesses, fears and dreams of his subjects. Opening a view to what he calls the real person and real beauty.

Richard’s passion for honesty, meaningful story and relevant works continues to evolve as he drives himself to produce his signature pure and revealing portraiture and film works. He quotes, “If we do not truly see each other; nor do our connections grow from a place of sincerity, empathy and emotion, whether real, contrived or abstract; what we create, and the impact we leave, will be at risk of having no life, or lacking in meaning.”

When Richard is not behind the camera, you’ll most likely find him busy advocating for his non-profit, keeping everyone in stitches (or tears) with one of his life found stories, spending time with his family or mountain biking the trails surrounding the Los Angeles area.