Advertising photographer and assignment photographer and director specializing in people, beauty, lifestyle, photojournalism and documentary projects.

Introducing photographer, director Richard Radstone’s projects: Operation-365, 40-something: Portraits of Women, Seven: An Intimate View of Community, Words.



three-hundred sixty-five strangers in three-hundred days

The challenge... for one full year, every day, approach absolute strangers, photograph and interview them, then promptly blog about the experience. I titled it “Project-365.” Rain, shine, hot, cold, healthy, ill... I missed no days.


Thousands of meaningful conversations and hundreds of interviews later it has awakened to become a diverse and united community, one that embraces the individual voice and is joined in a cause to understand our neighbors Operation-365.org.


Welcome to Operation-365… we were once “strangers…” now we are “friends.”


40-something: Portraits of Women

A starkly revealing collection of portraits of women over 40 years of age. Exposing and honest, it is a study of women as they really are–no costly apparel, extreme make-up or styling. 40-something is not about perfect body, sexuality or sensuality, rather it dispels stereotypes and sets aside ever-changing fads and contemporary conceptions of ideal beauty.

The 40-something mission is to bring about an awareness of the physical contrasts of real women. Its objective is to inspire women to greater self-confidence of mind and body.


Seven: An Intimate View of Community

Seven: An Intimate View of Community are non-posed, single frame portraits I take with a vintage 5x7 portrait camera an traditional B&W film. One unrehearsed take––one honest moment. Driving these portraits are the spontaneous responses to seven common questions I ask in both video interview and via handwriting studies. My aim in Seven is to document people as they really are. To look past social barriers and open a portal to the thoughts, joys and fears shared by a diversity of individuals. The mission of Seven is to drive us toward cultivating a deeper understanding of our differences and similarities and to unite us through an intimate glimpse into our shared human identity.



If you could share a single word with the entire world, and everyone was listening, what would it be?


If it’s about a person, real beauty, a personality or makes a social statement... we’re right for the project. If it’s about working with a photographer, artist, producer and director who knows all sides of still and motion, has a keen eye for detail, inspires performance and knows when a good laugh is helpful... we’re right for you. If it’s about being able to relax knowing your project will run smoothly, on time and on budget, while working with a professional who has over twenty-five years of advertising and entertainment experience, plus a killer vendor list... we’re right for your team. If it’s about seamlessly producing either an intimate portrait or a large-scale production... it’s right for us.


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